Integrating Social Security and Medicare for Cost-Effective Solutions

SSDI Claim Representation

The company that pioneered the SSDI representation industry continues to be the leader in cost-effectively managing SSDI claims and reducing financial risk. Allsup experts understand the complex Social Security process, and coupled with system capabilities and operational scope, have yielded outstanding results for our clients and claimants for more than 35 years.

  • Allsup wins SSDI awards for 97 percent* of customers who complete the SSDI process with us.
  • Allsup helps claimants receive their benefits much faster than the national average. Allsup claimants who reach the hearing level receive their SSDI benefits on average 10 months faster than the national average.
  • Allsup’s pre-application review process helps ensure your customers understand the qualifications for SSDI and provides companies with an outside, objective disability claims review.
  • Allsup provides the industry’s most detailed reporting and ensures security and privacy to our clients as well as the claimants.
  • We excel at customer service, enhancing the service your business already provides.
Customer Service Stats:
98% courteous and helpful
97% satisfied with Allsup
95% recommend a friend or family member

Why Choose Allsup?
  • Allsup will continue to outperform the industry in securing awards earlier and faster whenever possible.
  • Allsup can provide evidence via reports, results, statistics and data to demonstrate overall superior effectiveness.
  • Superior reputation and service demonstrated through recent awards (BBB 2006 and BBB International Finalist 2010).
  • Allsup is driven to deliver scalable processes and technologies that are adaptable to customers’ specific requirements for identifying and managing claims, delivering True Help® to customers, and providing reporting and tracking expertise that helps clients succeed.