Integrating Social Security and Medicare for Cost-Effective Solutions

Allsup Expertise

Allsup is the first and largest company to provide nationwide Social Security representation services. Our understanding of the complex Social Security process, coupled with our system capabilities and operational scope, has yielded outstanding results for our clients over the years.

Since 1984, we have recovered more than $1.6 billion in benefit overpayments and reduced future plan liabilities by about $22 billion for client organizations.

Allsup wins SSDI awards for 97 percent of the people represented through all levels of appeal. And more than 70 percent of our awards are granted at the Initial and Reconsideration levels, resulting in faster SSDI offsets and smaller overpayments.

We recover over 90 percent of disability plan overpayments within an average of 14 days from the time the Social Security Administration releases funds to the employee.