Integrating Social Security and Medicare for Cost-Effective Solutions

Health Benefits Coordination

It’s The Custom Solution You Need

Allsup Benefits Coordination provides customized solutions and expert guidance to employers and their special employee populations who are transitioning from private group health plan coverage to more complex insurance options, such as:

Health Benefits Coordination
  • Medicare
  • Healthcare insurance marketplace (exchange plans)
  • Medicaid

Moving part-time and inactive employees from group health plans to better manage costs can be challenging for employers, especially with the recent availability of the healthcare insurance marketplace, changes in Medicaid and the multiple types of Medicare plans available. Allsup Benefits Coordination helps employers better manage and easily transition employee groups from group health plan offerings, including:

  • Retirees and workers age 65+
  • Workers with disabilities receiving long-term disability (LTD) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Workers on COBRA
  • Dependents (spouse and children)
  • Part-time, low-income employees

How Allsup Benefits Coordination Helps Employers

Expert Assistance
Allsup Benefits Coordination provides expert assistance in transitioning special groups to new healthcare insurance benefits when they are no longer covered by an employer. Our experts work with employers to implement transition planning, which includes educating individuals, assessing their needs, researching options, and assisting with enrolling individuals and their families in new healthcare plans that best match their needs and budget.
As a result, employers can:

  • Reduce group health plan costs
  • Reduce administrative impact of complicated insurance transitions 
  • Ensure participants receive a high level of care and support that mirrors assistance from an internal Human Resources team
  • Receive a customized transition package that includes a helpful set-up guide and reporting tools

Allsup Benefits Coordination can simplify the headaches for your Human Resources department when it comes to handling group health plan benefits for these populations, so your HR team can focus on the needs of primary, full-time employees.

For more information about Allsup Benefits Coordination and how it can assist your organization and employees, please contact:

David Weiler
Regional Sales Manager–
Eastern U.S. Region
(866) 233-9985  

Matthew Warfield
Regional Sales Manager–
Western U.S. Region
(866) 292-4294  

Smooth Transition
Allsup Benefits Coordination offers employers a smooth and seamless transition for individuals who must choose alternative healthcare coverage. Each person has access to trained healthcare benefit specialists, Certified Application Counselors (CACs) and licensed Medicare experts, who effectively communicate with each individual and share their expertise and in-depth insights.
Individuals can expect to receive:

  • Individual needs assessment and guidance
  • Education about available healthcare options
  • Eligibility review to determine coverage
  • Detailed report with easy to understand plan comparisons for those who are eligible for Medicare
  • Enrollment assistance

Integrated Custom Solution
Allsup Benefits Coordination provides a thorough, integrated service that meets a broad range of personal needs for each employee group and their dependents, both in large and small organizations. In addition to working with and understanding all types of healthcare plan options, we offer unparalleled customer service for those with specialized needs, such as individuals with disabilities and seniors. We follow a flexible process of building the simplest custom solution based on employers’ immediate objectives and their population.

With Allsup Benefits Coordination, the special group populations in your organization are better able to evaluate
which healthcare coverage will work best for their specific situation. 

The Allsup Advantage

Allsup has a more than 30-year history of successfully coordinating private and public benefits for hundreds of thousands of individuals and their families, their employers and their insurers. Allsup Benefits Coordination experts focus on transition planning by assessing the needs of the employer and employees with personalized solutions that match those needs. Our goal is to simplify complex government programs and information so your employees can make satisfying decisions that have a positive result.

The Allsup approach of providing True Help® includes patience, understanding, education and reassurance. This combination assists employers in maintaining the quality of attention to employees’ needs, ensuring your status as an employer of choice.