Integrating Social Security and Medicare for Cost-Effective Solutions

Allsup Medicare Coordination

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Take Advantage of Future and Retroactive Savings

Allsup's comprehensive Medicare Coordination offer employers a proven way to establish and maintain the highest possible level of group health plan savings.

Companies can lower group health plan liability simply by converting qualified, nonworking disabled plan participants to Medicare as primary payer. These individuals are:

  • Entitled to Medicare as a result of receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), AND
  • Covered by a group health plan with 100 or more participants.

If your company extends group health insurance to nonworking long-term disability recipients and/or early retirees who are under age 65 and who have become disabled since separating from the company, your organization can:

  • Reduce future group health plan expenditures by approximately 71 percent for these individuals by converting Medicare to primary payer.

Allsup Medicare Coordination will:

  • Identify nonworking disabled plan participants who are entitled to medicare as primary payer.
  • Update Medicare payment status by submitting payer status updates to the Centers for medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Enroll nonworking, disabled plan participants in Medicare Part B without penalty under federal Disability Special Enrollment Period (DSEP) provisions.
  • Monitor disabled plan participants who will become entitled to Medicare in the future.
  • Represent disabled plan participants for SSDI, which results in additional benefits for the individual, including Medicare eligibility, increased Social Security retirement benefits and return-to-work incentives.
  • Resolve CMS Demand Notices requiring reimbursement for charges allegedly paid by Medicare as primary payer in error.