Integrating Social Security and Medicare for Cost-Effective Solutions

Medicare Options

Allsup Medicare Advisor

Guiding your employees from group health plan coverage to Medicare  

Allsup Medicare Advisor, offered by Allsup Inc., provides a comprehensive and convenient solution to coordinating your employees’ Medicare coverage. We are not a Medicare plan provider. Allsup Medicare Advisor is a Medicare plan selection service that incorporates a detailed, comparative analysis of plans, a tailor-made report and serves as a trusted resource for employers, financial advisors and seniors. It combines live, one-on-one guidance with the convenience of the Internet.
How Allsup Medicare Advisor Benefits You  
  • Reduces or eliminates the financial risk of providing healthcare to Medicare-eligible employees
  • Reduces your administrative burden without sacrificing employee goodwill
  • Ensures your Medicare-eligible retirees are covered
How Allsup Medicare Advisor Helps Your Medicare-Eligible Employees  
  • Educates your employees on the Medicare benefits already available to them
  • Guides employees through the Medicare enrollment process
  • Helps employees manage out-of-pocket healthcare costs
  • Reduces employee stress and confusion
Understanding Medicare Options  
Allsup will consult with you to thoroughly understand your organization’s needs and those of your employees regarding their transition to Medicare coverage.
By highlighting the three plans in your area most likely to meet your stated needs, Allsup has the foundation to help employees compare coverage and cost across various Medicare plan options.
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