Integrating Social Security and Medicare for Cost-Effective Solutions

Allsup Expertise

The coordination process between Medicare and group health plans is labor intensive and time consuming. Allsup can step right in and help you take full advantage of the savings your company is entitled to.

Introducing Allsup Medicare Coordination ServicesSM

Allsup’s comprehensive process will make sure that you establish and maintain the highest possible level of group health plan savings for non-working disabled plan participants. We will:

  • Identify – non-working disabled plan participants who are entitled to Medicare as primary payer.
  • Update – Medicare payment status by submitting payer status updates to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Enroll – plan participants in Medicare Part B without penalty under Federal DSEP provisions.
  • Recover – dollars from Medicare that have already been paid out inappropriately by the group health plan as primary payer.
  • Track – disabled plan participants who will become entitled to Medicare in the future.
  • Represent – disabled plan participants for SSDI benefits in order to create Medicare entitlement.
  • Resolve – CMS Demand Notices requiring reimbursement for charges erroneously paid by Medicare as primary payer.