Integrating Social Security and Medicare for Cost-Effective Solutions

The Allsup Disability Life Planning Service® Provides Crucial Support During a Financial Crisis
As part of Allsup's Total Disability Solution, the Disability Life Planning Service®  (DLPS)  offers personalized financial guidance to those who are unemployed and have a disability. A loss of income during the long wait for Social Security disability benefits can cause severe financial hardship. Though long-term disability (LTD) benefits provide a critical lifeline at the time when it's needed most, it still only replaces no more than two-thirds of a person's pre-disability income. As a result, even with LTD benefits, individuals and their families may experience overwhelming financial burdens and often have a large amount of debt.

Did You Know?
Eleven percent of Allsup's SSDI customers with a mortgage are behind in their payments at the time their LTD benefits begin.

The Allsup Disabilty Life Planning Service provides an extensive scope of support that only  Allsup can offer your claimants. . Through a personal  assessment, our specialists gather and assess financial and household data to determine the individual's current financial situation. The service:

  • Identifies available public and private assistance resources and programs of support individuals are eligible to receive.
  • Provides financial tools that help individuals better understand and focus on immediate financial concerns, such as prioritizing debt, managing healthcare costs and developing a spending plan.
  • Puts valuable information into a personalized guidebook for individuals that explains how to apply for programs and assistance resources and addresses their financial concerns.
  •  Offering private and ongoing support from specialists who are available to answer questions and concerns and help plan for next steps.

The significant savings and benefits to our customers that national, state and local programs and agencies provide is a welcome relief when the risk of losing healthcare coverage or filing for bankruptcy is a real threat. While the average monthly LTD income is $2,400, the costs for medical bills, prescriptions, groceries, housing and other necessary living expenses can be much higher.

That's why the Allsup Disability Life Planning Service is so beneficial. It  provides real value to people - and their families -- when they need it most.